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Salt 1 Consultant LLC.732-900-7362 John 3:16Philippians 4:16  

About Us


Founded in 2000 Salt 1 Consultant LLC was born from a desired approach to strengthen families and communities.  We being so inspire in this matter, Salt 1 Consultant LLC is a core value based company, that is formed with professional men and women in the Construction Industry, who want to put hope, love and prosperity back into the community and build it back to it's natural beauty.


Without hope for a better future it is impossible to strive for greater things.  The methods we employ are moderate and reliable. We use the latest technology to seamlessly execute your project and will be happy to explain the work we are performing in easy-to-understand terms.


With years of experience under our belts, our qualified electrician, plumbers, carpenters, masons, roofers and those a like will guarantee quick, high quality work and courteous customer service, both before as well as after the job. Our competent technicians and construction laborers stand behind their work and will satisfy any concern you might have.


Our way of giving back is supporting our job staffing division by hiring and training apprentice in this industry and much much more...




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