Salt 1 Consultant LLC. 732-900-7362 John 3:16 Philippians 4:16
Salt 1 Consultant LLC.732-900-7362 John 3:16Philippians 4:16  

Electricians and Construction


Salt 1 Counsultant LLC knows if you desire serious change in your life; look no further, we have a professional team of men and woman that has over 20 + years between them. We specialize in electrician, carpentry mason, plumbing painting, remodeling your kitchen and bathroom and much much more.  The wiring of your company or home is important.  By employing the right workers you not only save money and energy, but also gain peace of mind. 


We perform electrical installations, for private, commercial and industrial clients, including the installation of security systems and cable bus systems.  At Salt 1 Consultant LLC hiring us will take the guest work out of who you should hire to do the job.  We are here to help build families and communities not tear them down.


At Salt 1 Consultant LLC we assist and execute each project. We are never short staff and we will get the project done at the estimated time.  We are Licensed  and Insured.



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